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Celtic Trout.

Celtic Trout.
The secret of wisdom and prophecy.
The Trout is also a symbol of sacred
wells and springs, places of physical
healing and spiritual rebirth.
Everlasting life.

This Celtic Trout has been hand carved
in wood  and can be made to any size
that you would like.
Prices start from £30.00
Just leave me a message and I will
get back to you as soon as I can.
All our gifts are very affordable and
not one are made the same.

Haydn Miller Lifeboat Tenby Wales.

The current Tamar class Lifeboat
is called “Haydn Miller” which was
named after the Farmer who left
£3m to the R.N.L.I in his will.
Tamar class Lifeboats are all-weather
lifeboats which are operated by the
Royal National Lifeboat Institution
around the coasts of Great Britain
and Ireland.
The class name comes from the
River Tamar in South West England which flows into the English Channel where they are manufactured by Babcock International Group.
A Lifeboat to be Proud of and have saved many lives.

Tenby Photos-Stack Rock-Pembrokeshire.

Stack Rock, part of the Stackpole Estate
National Trust.
With a combination of sand dunes, beaches, cliff top coastline, woodland and lily ponds inland.
Colonies of seabirds including razorbills and guillmots are to be seen and flock to the area.


Barafundle Bay Beach-Pembrokeshire.

Barafundle Bay Beach is voted the
 most Beautiful Beach in Wales.
With clear water, golden sand,
surrounded by sand dunes and
wooded cliffs. Also good fishing
spots and within walking distance
of  Stackpole Quay which has one
of the smallest harbours and is
part of the National Trusts Stackpole
There is a car park which belongs to
the pembrokeshire coast national park.