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Welsh Mining Lovespoons

Welsh Mining Lovespoons.
A special handmade gift where
years ago a man would hand carve
a lovespoon for a woman that he
would like to court.
Our heritage of a welsh mining
The daffodil is a symbol of
a welsh national flower and
in the middle is a symbol of
a treble clef to compliment
wales on our music, On the
top of it, it has a mining lamp.
The second welsh mining spoon
has a miner on it with a mining
shaft at the top.
Price: £30.00
If interested just leave me a message as I can also personalise them for your free and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Tree of life lovespoon.

Tree of life lovespoon.
A symbol of a Welsh custom
centuries ago meaning harmony
and balance and natural living
of life. The branches weaving
throu time, growing with
strength and wisdom of ages
and fulfilment in a fruitful life.
We have many lovespoon’s which
mean many different kinds of things.
This Tree of life Lovespoon has
been handmade from solid wood
and can be made into any size.
prices start from £25.00
Please leave me a message and I
will get back to you as soon as I can.