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Celtic Cross.

A Celtic Cross.
A Modern Celtic Cross
which has been made
from wood and designed
by us and also treated to
a high standard.
A symbol of many meanings.

Price : £30.00

Mwnt Chapel. Black+White.

Mwnt was a site of an unsuccessful
invasion by Flemings in 1155 and it’s
defeat was long afterwards celebrated
on the First Sunday in January as 
“Sul Coch Y Mwnt”.
The name (Red Sunday) was given in
consequence of the blood shed on that day.
It is reputed that the bones of the
defeated invaders would occasionally
be visable under the sand when
uncovered by windy conditions in the early 20th century. The Church of the Holy Cross (Eglwys y Grog) is an example of a Medieval Sailor’s Chapel of Ease.