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Celtic Cross.

A Celtic Cross.
A Modern Celtic Cross
which has been made
from wood and designed
by us and also treated to
a high standard.
A symbol of many meanings.

Price : £30.00

Haydn Miller Lifeboat Tenby Wales.

The current Tamar class Lifeboat
is called “Haydn Miller” which was
named after the Farmer who left
£3m to the R.N.L.I in his will.
Tamar class Lifeboats are all-weather
lifeboats which are operated by the
Royal National Lifeboat Institution
around the coasts of Great Britain
and Ireland.
The class name comes from the
River Tamar in South West England which flows into the English Channel where they are manufactured by Babcock International Group.
A Lifeboat to be Proud of and have saved many lives.