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Celtic Heart

Celtic Heart.
In ancient times, hearts have
been used as a symbol of love.
The Celtic Heart is among the
most romantic formed from one
continuous line, representing the
union of souls in a visual continuity,
of continuing faith and love as one
travels through the journey of life.

This Celtic Heart has been hand carved
in solid wood and can be made in any size.
Just leave me a message of the size that
you would like us to make for you and
I will get back to you as soon as I can.
All our gifts are very affordable also.
Prices start from £25.00.

Driftwood Heart Cariad.

A Heart which has been
Handmade from Driftwood.
A Red Ribbon also compliments
the Heart with a bow.
“Cariad” has been engraved on
the heart .
A perfect gift for anyone.
Personalised at no extra cost.


White Daisy Love

White Daisy Love.
A White Daisy Converted
to give a Modern Art Effect,
with a complimentry background
to match.
[The Flower Girls.Tenby]donation
of the Daisy.

Daisy Dramatic Art

Daisy Dramatic Art.
A Daisy Converted to
give a Dramatic Art
Effect with Black+White
tones to Compliment the
[The Flower Girls.Tenby]
donation of the Daisy.

Pink Rose Beauty

Pink Rose Beauty.
A Pink Rose, a symbol of
Love, Desire and Beauty.
Converted for a Modern
Art Effect with a Surround
to Compliment.

White Purity Rose

A White Purity Rose.
A Symbol of Love and
Beauty,converted for a
Modern Art Effect with a
Compliment Background to