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driftwood canvas art.

Driftwood Canvas Art.
A very unique canvas art
made from driftwood blocks, also known as reclaimed wood.
Driftwood blocks are exclusive only to us at driftwood adventure
Not one piece of driftwood are the same, collected from Welsh beaches,cleaned and treated by us, the individual blocks are selected especially and cut to fit into a collage of driftwood and placed with care onto a canvas.
A combination of neutral colours to compliment the design and is ready to be hung on any wall.
The measurements are:  11″ x 5″.


Green Flame Abstract.

Green Flame Abstract.
This Art Image has a
combination to compliment
individual colours, which include
a selection of shades, Green, Lime,
Black and White to enhance the
surround for a Modern Art Effect.
It is unique because it is a limited
edition of 1/10 only.

Blue Abstract Ball.

Blue Abstract Ball.
A Form of Unique Modern Art
which is made by the individual
This Art image has a combination
to compliment individual colours
which include a selection of shades
of Blue,turquoise,Green and Black
to enhance the surround.
This image is also a Limited Edition
of 1/15.

Abstract. Coast.

Abstract. Coast.
This image has been converted
for a Modern Art Effect
with a combination of pink,
violet,purple,blue,navy and black
to compliment.
The image can also be purchased in a print or canvas.

Abstract. Purple Flame

Abstract. Purple Flame.
This image has been created
for a Modern Art Effect,the colours include purple,lilac,pink,violet,red and white for the flame with a black surround to compliment.
This image is Unique and can be purchased as a print or canvas.
If you require another colour to match you deco,please leave me a message.

Daisy Dramatic Art

Daisy Dramatic Art.
A Daisy Converted to
give a Dramatic Art
Effect with Black+White
tones to Compliment the
[The Flower Girls.Tenby]
donation of the Daisy.

Black & White Tunnel Abstract.

 A Black & White Tunnel Abstract.
A combination of matching colours
grey,black and white.