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Celtic Heart

Celtic Heart.
In ancient times, hearts have
been used as a symbol of love.
The Celtic Heart is among the
most romantic formed from one
continuous line, representing the
union of souls in a visual continuity,
of continuing faith and love as one
travels through the journey of life.

This Celtic Heart has been hand carved
in solid wood and can be made in any size.
Just leave me a message of the size that
you would like us to make for you and
I will get back to you as soon as I can.
All our gifts are very affordable also.
Prices start from £25.00.

Driftwood Coasters Handmade

A set of Five Driftwood Coasters
which have been all Handmade.
Cleaned to the highest standard
and very modern.
The grain in these are truly
amazing, also entwined with rope.

PRICE….£20.00 A Set.

Driftwood Hearts

These individual Hearts are made
from Driftwood and are all Handmade.
They can be personalised and would
make a lovely gift for any occasion,
especially Mother’s Day which is
on March 15  Sunday.

PRICE….£10.00 each.