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The Entrance.Lydstep Cavern.

The Entrance.Lydstep Cavern’s.Pembrokeshire.
A Grand entrance to a Cavern/Sea Cave
at Lydstep Cavern’s.
An image within a photo of  surrounding
beauty and captivating rock formations.
A great area for Abseiling, Orienteering
and also Caving.
This area can only be reached at low tide
so please be carefull.

Secluded Cavern.Lydstep

Secluded Cavern.Lydstep.Pembrokeshire.
Only to be reached at low-tide, a Cavern
with amazing height and scenic view, an
image within a photo which must be
viewed to explore it’s true inner beauty.
This is a part of the Pembrokeshire Coast
which cannot be missed.

St Catherine,s Island. Tenby.

St Catherine,s Island. “Ynys Catrin”.
A small tidal island which is linked
to Tenby South Beach.
Home to a Palmerston Fort and
was completed in 1870.
Also known as St Catherine,s Rock.
It has four bedrooms, a Banquet
Hall with a life size figure of
Queen Victoria.
Now the fort lies derelict today,
stripped of it,s former elegance,
but rich in character and history.