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Driftwood Vase/Light

A Elegant Driftwood Vase/Light.
Unique and natural to match
any decor.
Driftwood chosen from the
Welsh shores, cleaned and
designed by us.
This Vase/Light would look
superb for a centre piece and
looks amazing as a light, as
you can see the silhouettes
of sparkles of light from the
driftwood which gives off a magical atmosphere.

PRICE…. £35.00

Driftwood Vase.Light

Driftwood Vase/Light.
A Handmade Glass Vase
made from Driftwood and rope.
By night it can convert into
a cosy mobile lamp.
(batteries not included).
A Mosaic effect of blocks.


Driftwood Coat Hanger

A Driftwood Coat Hanger
which has been Handmade.
Entwined with rope and fishing
net for decor.
The Coat Hanger has six Hooks
for your coats and is vary spacious.


Three Tier Candle Holder

A Three Tier Candle Holder.
Made from Driftwood and Handmade.
The Three Tiers are sitting on a
piece of Driftwood and all have
entwined rope around them
for decor, a very unique gift.
Not one of our items are the same.