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Celtic Cross.

A Celtic Cross.
A Modern Celtic Cross
which has been made
from wood and designed
by us and also treated to
a high standard.
A symbol of many meanings.

Price : £30.00

driftwood canvas art.

Driftwood Canvas Art.
A very unique canvas art
made from driftwood blocks, also known as reclaimed wood.
Driftwood blocks are exclusive only to us at driftwood adventure
Not one piece of driftwood are the same, collected from Welsh beaches,cleaned and treated by us, the individual blocks are selected especially and cut to fit into a collage of driftwood and placed with care onto a canvas.
A combination of neutral colours to compliment the design and is ready to be hung on any wall.
The measurements are:  11″ x 5″.


Pembrokeshire Coast.The Green Bridge of Wales.

Pembrokeshire Coast.
The Green Bridge of Wales.
A Spectacular arch which
has been formed by the sea.
The Green Bridge of Wales
is on the famous Castlemartin
Coast, which offer’s captivating
surrounding coastal views all
around. It also has a view point
to the left of the Bridge and cater’s
for the less able with a built in ramp.
A Special place, not to be missed.

Poppy Fields. Panache.

Poppy Fields. Panache.
A Fresh Summer’s Day at
Lydstep within a field full
of Red Poppies in Full Bloom,
Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Tenby Harbour Light.

Tenby Harbour Light.
Tenby Harbour, a Captivating
Paradise which captures you from within.
Many come to be inspired by it’s
natural beauty.
The Pembrokeshire Coast offer’s
many secret Bays which can only
be reached and seen at low-tide.
Well worth a visit.

Green Flame Abstract.

Green Flame Abstract.
This Art Image has a
combination to compliment
individual colours, which include
a selection of shades, Green, Lime,
Black and White to enhance the
surround for a Modern Art Effect.
It is unique because it is a limited
edition of 1/10 only.

Daisy Dramatic Art

Daisy Dramatic Art.
A Daisy Converted to
give a Dramatic Art
Effect with Black+White
tones to Compliment the
[The Flower Girls.Tenby]
donation of the Daisy.

Pink Rose Beauty

Pink Rose Beauty.
A Pink Rose, a symbol of
Love, Desire and Beauty.
Converted for a Modern
Art Effect with a Surround
to Compliment.

White Purity Rose

A White Purity Rose.
A Symbol of Love and
Beauty,converted for a
Modern Art Effect with a
Compliment Background to

Lower Town.Fishguard.

Fishguard,Lower Town Harbour.
This was the location for the
1972 film “Under Milk Wood”
with Elizabeth Taylor and
Richard Burton. Also known
for the famous film released in
1956,directed by John Huston
and featured Gregory Peck,
“Moby Dick”. A Very Picturesque
and lovely quiet place to watch
the world go by.